Fresh New Start

The rain steadily beats down hard on the widows and roof of an old farmhouse. An impatient family sits at the kitchen table waiting for the rain to cease. As the rain starts to let up, the family notices the old wheelbarrow. The color faded and no longer cared for, no one bothered to put the old wheelbarrow inside the barn. Suddenly the family notices something different. The wheelbarrow looks new. The storm had washed away all the dirt and grim. The wheelbarrow is now red again.

As the poem states, “a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water”(Williams). I can picture this in my head. The wheelbarrow was washed clean by the rain, and now is good as new. William Carlos Williams was using personification here by describing the wheelbarrow. I think he is comparing it to a person’s life. In life we become very worn out, we work too much, and get old. We lose our ‘shine’.

“The Red Wheelbarrow” reminds me of something that would have been written by Robert Frost . This is because he uses simple language. The poem is actually one sentence long, broke into 4 stanza, it’s a free verse poem but still flows well. We have disused in class how a young child could be given a Frost poem and understand the meaning. Also like Frost I believe this poem has two meanings. The first is simple, that the wheelbarrow is now clean. The second is much more complexe. Telling the story of how a second chance in life is all you need to make a difference. To have a new out look on life.

Williams, William. The Red Wheelbarrow. 1012. Print.


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