Lock My Family In

August Wilson used Troy’s job as a symbol of inequalities that blacks had during the 1950’s in his 1987 play Fences . While the country and made significant changes we still had a long way to go. Blacks were aloud to have jobs just not equal jobs. In the play Troy says, “ I went to Mr. Rand and asked him, Why? Why you got white mens driving and the color lifting” (Wilson). Mr. Rand tells Troy, to take it up with the union. When Troy went to the union they came up with a bunch of lies, which up-set Troy. He didn’t mean to cause trouble he just wanted to give everyone a chance to drive.

In Act One Scene Four Troy gets great news. Troy comes home to his wife and says, “ Mr. Rand called me into his office today… he called me in and told me they was making me a driver”(Wilson). I think that Wilson was trying to show that slowly Americans were breaking down the barriers of racial dissemination.

Wilson also used the fence it’s self as a symbol. Rose loves the fence because it represents that her family’s closeness. It’s like trapping them there and not letting them leave. Sad part is her husband still cheats on her. Also Wilson specifically had Troy and Cory working on the fence when Troy told Cory that he couldn’t play football on even if a college coach was coming to watch the game. If I were Cory that fence would have caused bad memories for my childhood. Then at the end of the play Cory doesn’t even want to go to his owns father’s funeral.

Wilson, August. Fences: A Play. New York: New American Library, 1987. Print.


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